One Web


Mobile-first, crazy fast Joomla!

OneWeb comes loaded with sexy typographical basics, much of them taken from Andy Clarke's original, and totally awesome, 320 and up and then tweaked to the developer's personal taste in some cases.


  • Responsive, scaling from 320px to 1140px
  • Mobile-first, loading the basics styles first then adding additional pzazz for capable devices
  • Fluid grid
  • Responsive image handling
  • HTML5
  • Mobile friendly optimisations
  • Smart menu handling for mobile devices
  • Modernizr, so you can add extra awesome targetting specific device capabilities
  • Polyfills to make stuff work in crap browsers
  • Lightweight and fast as hell
  • Google font goodness baked in
  • Clean, semantic markup
  • Plenty of module positions, logically named and laid out
  • WAI-ARIA Landmark roles
  • Built according to Vulcan standards of logic
  • Google Analytics integration


Internet-Inspired Visitors

  • The new version is  super super fast and looks very good with its typographic improvements and light colors. Most of all, I like the way, you manage the menu and search positions in mobile sizes - cool
  • Congrats with v2. It looks amazing. There seems to be some incomparability with seblod 2.0. The seblod submit button only refreshes the page, and nothing is stored to db. The same form works fine with default template.


Additional Info

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